експресбанк Моля изчакайте

Loan for students

Students loan is a non-purpose loan for students from Societe Generale Expressbank developed to finance all aspects of your student life.


  • No documents required for the purpose of the loan
  • The funds are disbursed at once
  • You receive the loan with minimal procedures
  • Loan amount: from BGN 500 up to BGN 15 000 or the equivalent in EUR
  • Possibility for grace period – during the education you can pay only the interest and the payment of the loan starts after graduation


Students loan for students gives you the opportunity to finance several years of studies, including:

  • tuition fees
  • studies abroad – Bachelor or Master degree
  • daily expenses
  • expenses related to the academic life
  • travel
  • work & travel abroad and others
Main characteristics


  • Who can apply for the loan: all Bulgarian students no matter of the format or level of education – full-time, part-time, remote, Bachelor, Master and others
  • Loan amount: from BGN 500 up to BGN 15 000 or the equivalent in EUR
  • Repayment term: up to 84 months with partial grace period
  • Guarantees: one of the parents or another relative as guarantor or transfer of the salary or another remuneration of the student
  • Repayment mode: equal monthly installments with possibility of paying only the interest during the period of education
  • Fees: one-time disbursement fee; no management fee and no pre-term repayment fee
  • Interest rate: variable interest rate, which is related to the base rate of Societe Generale Expressbank