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Debit MasterCard PayPass for students
An instrument for electronic payments and is a plastic card with information, allowing multiple remote access to bank account.
International debit MasterCard PayPass for students:

Persons aged 18 and over and persons age 14 and over with a guardian.

Within Societe Generale Expressbank, the card is connected with a multifunctional current account in BGN.

International debit MasterCard PayPass allows you to:
  • Pay goods or services at POS terminals installed at merchants’ sites in Bulgaria and abroad
  • Withdraw cash from an ATM or POS installed at a bank
  • Check the balance at an ATM (available within the country)
  • Pay Internet goods or services within the country via the web site of Datamax Ltd. - ePay.bg
  • Make payments of periodic bills at an ATM terminal
  • Make a bank transfer at an ATM
  • Check the last 5 transactions at an ATM (available within the country)
Main benefits are:
 As regards the students between 14 and 18 years old who receive their scholarship to bank accounts, we apply the following preferential conditions* in issue and using of of international debit card Maestro:
  • The youngsters are free of service fee for the current account
  • Free of the annual service fee for the debit card**
  • Take advantage of preferential tariff in case of cash withdraw from an ATM of other bank (-30% of the standard tariff)
How to apply ?


You can apply for an International Debit MasterCard PayPass for students?
  • At any branch of Societe Generale Expressbank, by presenting an identity document and signing a contract for debit card
  • On-line, by filling an application form
The card will be issued and delivered within ten working days.
You can download the General terms and conditions of Societe Generale Expressbank AD for maintaining citizens’ accounts from here.


Further information can be obtained either from your Account officer or from the toll-free line 0800 18 888, from 8.00 to 20.00 daily, from 9.30 to 14.00 on Saturday.

* The preferential conditions for issue and using of card Maestro are valid untill the age of 18 years of the client after that the fees and the commission according to the tariff for individual customers are applicable


** The withdraw of cash by ATM of Societe Generale Expressbank and the payments to retailers in the country are free. The payments in abroad are paid according to the valid tariff for individual customers