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Pay my bills

Save more time for yourself and your relatives!
With the Direct Debit service of Societe Generale Expressbank, your account remembers instead of you, so you can guarantee on-time payments of your utility bills.
Who is direct debit for?
For all customers with current account, Bulgarian or foreign citizens.
What is direct debit?
The service is an automatic utility bill payment method connected with previously given approval from you for the debiting of your bank account as per request of any creditor.
Direct debit allows you to:
Pay your utility bills on time and automatically.
Main benefits:
  • Utility bills payment through direct debit will save your time and efforts and will rescue you from the boring wait in the long lines in front of the cashiers’ desks for payment of electricity, telephone, water, heating, cable TV etc.
  • Monthly household bills will be paid automatically through direct debit from your current account in Societe Generale Expressbank.
  • Except your own or family duties, you can pay the debts of your parents or relatives through direct debit.
How to apply?
You can subscribe for direct debit by filling in an „Agreement for immediate collection” form at our Societe Generale Expressbank offices in the country.
Further information can be obtained either from your Account officer or from the line 0700 17 888. 
More than an ATM:
Societe Generale Expressbank ATMs offer you plenty of services to serve you better.
Our ATM allows you to: 
  • Get information on your balance and on the last 5 transactions
  • Change your PIN Code
  • Pay your bills
  • Charge your mobile phone
  • Transfer between 2 accounts of the same cardholder


Insure your card:
Moreover, you can protect your card with Comfort insurance.
In case of a technical problem, the address of the closest office with another ATM is shown on the ATM screen itself.
For any problem with your card (stolen, lost or swallowed by the ATM), call immediately:

Societe Generale Expressbank Card Center - from 8.00 tо 24.00 , seven days a week
0 700 17 888
052 / 602833 

BORIKA - 24/7
+359 (0) 2 9702 600