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Utility Payments



Follow and pay your utilities- water, electricity, telephone, heating, gas, internet, television, security, insurance, professional house manager, charity and others.

Save your time - no queues, you just need a current account at Societe Generale Expressbank.



Benefits of Automatic utility payments

You can choose which utilities to pay automatically and to use the option of setting a limit on the amount.

  • Full control – limit the automatic payment with an option to further verify it over BankOn Web/Mobile or via SMS (requires subscription for BankOn Web or BankOn SMS). You have the option to set a different limit for each subscriber number.
  • Secure and convenient - Your bills are paid without delay, even when traveling or on holiday
  • Awareness - you can choose to receive SMS for a particular subscription as well as for the status of its payment


How to use Automatic utility payment?

  • You just need a BGN current accountat Societe Generale Expressbank
  • Subscribe online via BankOn Web / BankOn Mobile or at any office of the bank

Bill payments with no fee!

Register your subscriptions at BankOnWeb or BankOn Mobile - the Bill payments menu. Payments are free of charge when using the option I want to check and confirm each payment manually

What is the BankOn Web?

BankOn Web is an Internet banking system that allows you to manage your accounts anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The only thing you need is access to the internet - quickly, easily and comfortably.

You can subscribe for BankOn Web at the nearest Societe Generale Expressbank office for an ID card.

What is BankOn Mobile?

Mobile application for banking via smartphone and tablet available through Google Play and App Store.