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Authomatic Utility Payments


  • Full control via SMS notification
  • 24/7 detailed information about your monthly bills
  • Save time 


With the newest proposal of Societe Generale Expressbank - Automatic payment of utilities, the bank takes care of the payment of all monthly bills and you have more time for business!

What are the advantages of the 
automatic payment of utility services ?
  • Security and convenience - your bills are paid without delay, even when you are traveling or on vacation

  • Full control - you can set up a limit on the amount of the automatic payment with an option for further confirmation of the accounts above it over the internet or by SMS (requires subscription or BankOnWEB BankOnSMS). You can set a different limit for automatic payment for each subscriber number. 

  • Constant awareness - you can choose to receive SMS to inform you about any obligation and the status of its payment

  •  Efficiency - with a single subscription, you can manage more than one subscribers account  to the various utilities
  • You can choose to automatically pay your bills for:
    • Water
    • Electricity
    • Telephone
    • Heating
    • Gas
    • Internet
    • Security services
    • Insurance

  • What is needed to take advantage of the service Automatic utility payment: 
  • to have a current account with Societe Generale Expressbank
  • To request the service at a convenient office of the Bank


To request service online through BankOnWEB (for individuals) or convenient office of the Bank