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SEPA - Single Euro Payments
In 2002, the European Community initiated the establishment of a single zone for payments in euros - the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area). This allows economic players (companies, individuals, banks and authorities) to make payments across the entire SEPA zone just as easily, securely, efficiently. In all the countries concerned, credit transfers and direct debits in euros will be replaced with SEPA credit transfers and direct debits, for which the functional norms and standards have been defined at a European level, including standard system for identification of accounts (BIC/IBAN), file formats (ISO 20022 XML), etc.
The official deadline for the migration to SEPA For non-Euro zone countries, among which is Bulgaria, the deadline is 31 October 2016. From this date, SEPA debits and payments will be the standard for the SEPA zone. This is already the case for all of Euro zone countries since 1 February 2014.

All companies that carry out credit transfers and/or direct debits in euros between countries in the SEPA zone are  affected by the SEPA framework.

The SEPA zone

SEPA zone
The current 34 countries that comprise SEPA are the 28 EU member states, the three European Economic Area countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) as well as Switzerland, Monaco&San Marino.
The benefits of SEPA
SEPA offers companies the opportunity to optimise their client/supplier relationships and their cash management processes.
  • Standardised payment methods (credit transfers and direct debits)
  • Guaranteed execution time frames within 1 working day from payment reception
  • Simplified management of your accounts
  • Richer information allowing better reconciliation of payments

    Developing your company's business beyond its national borders will also be made easier.

The SEPA transfers

The introduction of SEPA means that cross-border electronic payments in euro across SEPA countries can be as quick, easy and cost effective.SEPA allows you to make a non-urgent (non-same day) euro credit transfer to any account or execute a euro direct debit on any account in SEPA that is reachable for national payments or debits today.