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Saving Accounts

Save up while having free access to your money.

The Saving account gives you the opportunity to withdraw and deposit amounts in cash, to send and receive money transfers in the country or abroad and have a higher interest rate than the one applicable to a current account. Apart from the opportunity of accessing the account on a cashier’s desk you can do it through internet banking – BankOnWeb.

If you wish you can save up automatically:

  • With a transfer from your current account of an exact, pre-defined amount on a fixed date. There are no restrictions as to the amount of the monthly payment/installment – you can change the amount whenever you wish.

  • With an automated transfer over a minimum balance. If you are unsure as to what amount of money to set aside, you can choose a certain amount to remain in your current account. The available surplus above this amount will be transferred directly to your saving account.

 View up to date interest rates

  • Large variety of currencies– BGN, EUR, USD, CHF, or GBP.
  • Lowminimum for opening an account - only 30 currency units. If the balance on the account falls below this amount, no interest will be applied.
  • Term– the Saving account is termless. 
  • Fees and commissions – according to the current Tariff of the Bank.