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Self-Saving Account

Saving Account with an increasing interest rate depending on the amount, while having free access to your money without losing your yield.

Самоспестовна сметка

Choose the best savings opportunity tailored to your needs:

  •  Either with an automated transfer from your current account of an exact amount on a pre-defined date by you – a minimum of 20 currency units

  • With an automated transfer above a certain minimum balance – you define a minimum amount, which always remains in your current account, and the funds above will be transferred directly to your Self-saving account.


Save up conveniently and flexibly!

You Add and withdraw money without any restrictions at any time:

  • In cash

Get advantage of the attractive interest rate!
Interest rate bulletin

By a single transfer in the bank or by using your Internet Banking BankOn Web. The transfers between your accounts in Societe General Expressbank are completely free of charge. 

The annual interest rates applied on Self-saving account are variable ones and depend on the changes in the Interest policy of the Bank. These changes are published on this Internet site (please click here) and also are available in all our offices.

Самоспестовна сметка

Necessary conditions to open a Self-Saving account:

  1. You need to have a current account in Societe Generale Expressbank
  2. You need to subscribe to an automated transfer, with which to wire regularly amounts to your Self-saving account.


  • Currency – in BGN, EUR, or USD.
  • Minimum amount to open a Self-saving account – 30 currency units. If the account balance drops below this minimum, no interest will be paid.
  • Minimum amount for an automated transfer – 20 currency units.
  • Maximum amount for an automated transfer – 50% of the amounts transferred to the account on a monthly basis.
  • Term – the Self-Saving account is termless.
  • Fees and commissions – according to the current Tariff of the Bank.