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Consumer loans

Expresso consumer loan

Expresso loan is designed for personal or family needs of majority of the Bulgarian citizens with permanent residence in the countryand with regular incomes.

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Consumer loan Expresso - disbursement in 1 day

When you need money, you would like to get the needed amount fast and be able to realize your plans and wishes immediately. That is why we developed the consumer loan Expresso with shorter deadlines for approval and granting.

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Fortissimo loan based on deposit

Fortissimo loan is a loan granted on the base of a pledge on a deposit in Leva or foreign currency. The credit can be used for any purchase of consumer goods (a PC, washing-machine, stereo system, furniture, travel, moving, etc., i.e., any extraordinary need or family event).

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Credit Compact - consolidate your loans

When you have several loans, you like to pay your installments easily and comfortably. And why not more advantageous? With our Credit Compact you can consolidate your loans and to pay only one lower monthly installment. Arrange your finances and save your time and money to enjoy your favorite people and activities.

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