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Loans with special purpose

Корпоративни кредити


Project and Structure Finance
Societe Generale Expressbank finances long-term infrastructural and long-term projects on the scheme, so-called project or structural granting. The loan receiver could be called a project company or existing enterprise, as the project could be based outside of the company balance. 
Syndicated loans
Societe Generale Expressbank participates in granting of large long-term loans for the financing of investment projects and structure financing, mergers and acquisitions, etc.
Bridge financing
Short- and mid-term financing offered by Societe Generale Expressbank to support the realization of the project until gathering long-term financial resources.
Credit lines for issuance of Bank guarantees and Letters of credit
Societe Generale Expressbank grants credit lines for issuing bank guarantees and letters of credits.
Credit lines for securing foreign exchange deals
Short-term credit lines granted by Societe Generale Expressbank for securing FX deals - forwards, swaps, options, hedging of currency and price risk, etc. 
Credits with support of EIB

Societe Generale Expressbank offers lucrative lease schemes to corporate clients for purchase of machines, equipment and vehicles also through its own subsidiaries – SoGeLease Bulgaria and SoGeLease Bulgaria Auto. www.sogelease.bg