експресбанк Моля изчакайте

Credit Partner Agra

Societe Generale Expressbank is a traditional partner of the Bulgarian farmers and provides preferential conditions for credit products for the farming sector.We support our clients in the full cycle of their business at attractive levels, while funding them taking into consideration the seasonal cycle and the specific nature of the proceedings.


Get advantage of the preferencial conditions on AGRA loan for agricultural producers:

  • 4.99% interest rate for loans in BGN
  • 0.49% preferecial management fee for loans backed by subsides from the State Fund "Agriculture"  
  • up to 350 000 BGN


Credit Partner Agra

Get advantage of credit Partner AGRA up to 350 000 BGN and our flexible financing schemes for agricultural activities:


  •  Overdrafts or credit lines for working capital, backed by subsidies from the State Fund "Agriculture" for arable land and 95% of expected subsidies (certificate of availability of arable land is not required for approval of funding)
  •  Credit lines for the purchase of arable land
  •  Financing of investment projects for the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment, construction and purchase of silos and warehouses, as well as projects financed by the EU programs

    Eligible collateral:
    •  Pledge of receivables schemes and arrangements for direct payments from the State Fund "Agriculture"
    •  Pledge of agricultural machinery 
    •  Pledge of warehouse receipts and / or finished products
    •  Mortgages on real estate