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 ProtectInvest Insurance


Застраховка ProtectInvest

Your investments, combined with protection

ProtectInvest is life insurance product, linked with Investment Fund, created by Societe Generale Expressbank and Sogelife Bulgaria. It provides maximum flexibility for your investments, possibility for long- term income and protection for your loved ones.

Why should I choose ProtectInvest?

  • Access to international markets, benefiting from the financial market performance via proposed eligible funds with different profiles
  • Guaranteed Capital in case of Death
  • Flexibility to withdraw (totally or partially) your capital via partial or full surrender/s, free of charge, after the 5th  year from beginning of the insurance


What should I know about ProtectInvest?


  • You decide  how much premium you want to invest and the duration of your policy (possibility for up to 25 years)
  • You choose from the 3 investment fund options available and you decide what amount to invest in each fund 
  • You have the option, at any time, to make additional investments, change the allocation of funds, your beneficiaries or make surrenders (surrenders are free of tax after the 5th year)
  • This protection aims to guarantee that the total amount of your investments (net premium) will be paid to your loved ones in case of unfortunate event (the limits for the difference to be paid by Sogelife is up to 150 000 BGN, described in detail in the General Terms and Conditions)   

    Investment funds, shares and assets

With ProtectInvest you have the possibility to choose in which of the three funds your investment is diversified.


  • CPR Invest Defensivе
  • CPR Invest Reactive
  • CPR Invest Dynamic 

ProtectInvest is insurance, in which the risk is carried by the client. Your investment is managed by our partner Asset Manager CPR AM, which monitors the market fluctuations and manages the fund performance.

What are the
insurance risks covered?

  • Death as a result of sickness;
  • Death as a result of accident;
  • Survival at the maturity date of the contract

    You can subscribe this insurance as Societe General Expressbank’s client in Prestige offices in the bank.


For more information regarding the insurance component of the product and the fund performance (unit price) please visit the product page on Sogelife’s website here.