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Isn’t it the most important thing to protect you and your loved ones against the consequences of events that could change your life?
Accident do not only happen on the street. This might be an incident in the garden, assault in the street, severely burning in the kitchen ....
In your everyday life when you are not in your car or at work, the risk of accidents exists and consequences of these accidents are rarely covered.

 Why to choose protection "My family"?

  • Financial support in case of hospitalizations and prolonged sick leave
  • Financial protection for you and your family in the event of an accident
  • Double benefit for the most common accident - car accidents
  • Meets the needs of every client by offering two levels of protection - "Silver" and "Gold" as well as individual and family coverage
  • Flexible way of payment: monthly or annually
  • Easy and quick conclusion only with signature without medical acceptance

What should I know?

Sogelife offers "My family" together with Societe Generale Expressbank 
You can protect up to 5 people members of your family (Max 2 adult members)

What are the risks covered?

  • Death in the event of an accident
  • Total and irreversible loss of autonomy (TILA) due to accident
  • Total permanent disability due to accident
  • Temporary disability due to accident
  • Hospitalization due to accident

What happens when an unexpected event?

You or your family receive:

  • Fixed sum insured for more severe consequences in case of accident
  • Compensation for prolonged sick leave more than 30 days
  • Compensation for dailly hospitalization more than 3 days


Protection, fully answering family needs:
- Individual or Family protection (up to 5 persons)
- Adapted prices and covers 
Silver and Gold protection


Individual protection

Family protection


from 4 to7.5 BGN per month

from 7.5 to14 BGN per month

Sum insured

Up to 20 000 BGN.

Up to 20 000 BGN per person


Flexibele for every budget : Monthly or annual premium  

Unique covers:
- From 250 BGN to 500 BGN, in case of sick leaveas result of accident for more than 30 days
- Fix amounts for stay in hospital for more than 3 days– 20 BGN or 40 BGN, according the chosen level of protection
- Up to 10 000 BGN in case of accident with serious consequences and up to 20 000 BGN in case of accident with serious consequences, due to car accident  

* Covered risks are Death, Permanent Total Disability, Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy, Temporary Disability and Hospitalization as result of accident.