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Пакет банкови продукти - SMART


SMART Package for individual clients you get the most appropriate products and services for everyday banking:

  • Current account in BGN, EUR or USD
  • Bank card optional:
         - Debit card Maestro, Visa Electron or V PAY
         - Credit card balance required MasterCard Standard and MasterCard Gold 
  • Internet banking BankOn Web
  • Active SMS banking BankOn SMS
  • Protect your wallet and phone with Comfort Insurance

    Fee SMART package depends on the participating card:

Maestro, Visa Electron or V PAY  4.90 BGN per month
MasterCard Standard  5.90 BGN per month
MasterCard Gold  7.90 BGN per month

Participating in the SMART suite of products and services are exempted from their standard periodic service charges, and you pay a single fee package.With SMART package you could use up to 21.10 % discount to the standard price of the products out of the package.

In addition to this package price with the SMART package you are using and discounts:

Cash withdraw from SGEB ATM

 0 BGN
Service fee for an overdraft

 0 BGN

Service fee for a revolving creit card Visa/MasterCard 

 20% lower service fee

Consumer loan  5% discount from the disbursement fee