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Standard Deposit Garant

Deposit which helps you plan and manage your personal savings better thanks to the large variety of terms and currencies.

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Deposit Progress

Progress is a deposit combining flexible term, growing interest and the opportunity to deposit additional amounts.

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Self-Saving Account

An account with increasing interest rate depending on the amount, giving you free access to your money whenever you need them without losing your yield.

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Investment funds

To diversify your investments and maximize their profitability in long term, Societe Generale Expressbank recommends you the mutual funds from Amundi. It combines the asset management expertise of two major banking groups: Credit Agricole (75%) and Societe Generale (25%).

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Saving Account New Horizons

New Horizons is a way of saving, which allows you to have a high return on your available resources, while at the same way you have unlimted access to them

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Saving Accounts

A saving account gives you the opportunity to get a higher yield on your free money, while you have free access to it at any time.

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