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Insurance and safety

Savings Insurance Utre

Everybody has some plans for them and their loved ones. Carry out your personal projects in full safety with our Utre savings offer.

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ProtectInvest Insurance

ProtectInvest is life insurance product, linked with Investment Fund. It provides maximum flexibility for your investments, possibility for long- term income and protection for your loved ones.

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Insurance My Family

Isn’t it the most important thing to protect you and your loved ones against the consequences of events that could change your life?

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Insurance Comfort

All of us have at least once in their lives fell victim to a bank card misuse or theft of mobile and personal documents.

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Spokoystvie Insurance

Did you know that Bulgaria occupies one of the top leading places in the EU in number of deaths in traffic accidents? Only in 2009 Bulgaria had close to 900 road accident fatalities. What can you do to protect yourself and your family in case of such unexpected events, which can unfortunately happen to each one of us?

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Travel insurance with Master Card

What would you do if you had an unexpected accident or health issue during your travel abroad? Would you know which doctor or hospital to turn to or the local language to inform them of your problem? What if you required a medical transportation to get the treatment you need?

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