експресбанк Моля изчакайте


Success is unique for everyone.

Just like our service.


Welcome to Club Prestige, the special program of Societe Generale Expressbank, dedicated to special customers like you.


Certainly, each one of us has a different story. This is the reason why Societe Generale Expressbank puts at your disposal personal assistance thanks to a dedicated professional banking consultant who will help you identify your proper needs and reach your financial goals.


As a member of Club Prestige you gain access to a whole range of privileges:

The highest quality services and offers made especially and only for you:

  • Separate designated Prestige offices
  • Individual care and professionalism
  • Flexible decisions according to your needs
  • Minimum waiting time
  • Discretion and confidentiality
  • Cross-border banking
  • Support and contact with the affiliates of Societe Generale Group all over the world
  • Unlimited access to world financial markets, products and services, offered by Societe Generale Private Banking (Switzerland) to clients with substantial financial assets.