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Housing Loan

Promotional conditions for a housing loan for the period 01.11.2013– 28.02.2014


Promotional conditions


  • Grace period on the principal for the first 12 months since the moment of loan disbursement
  • 6,75% interest rate for housing loans up to 20 years in BGN and EUR
  • 0% management fee
  • 0% application fee
  • 0% preterm repayment fee with own funds after the third year
  • 0% disbursement fee in case of refinancing loans from other bank
  • 1% disbursement fee, minimum 450 BGN, for all other housing loans granted during the promotional period


Detailed information


  • Promotional period 01.11.2013– 28.02.2014
  • Variable annual interest rate in BGN and Euro
  • Example for loan 50 000 BGN/Euro for 20 years:



APR:7.16% in BGN/ 7.13% in Euro, Variable annual interest rate 6.75%,
Monthly installment: 380.18BGN/Euro,
Total amount due: 92 173.74 BGN/ 91 964.94 Euro,
Granting fee: 500 BGN/Euro,
Current account management fee 1.79 BGN/0.92 Euro monthly,
No application fee
No management fee
"Life" and "Property" insurances required.