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Helping you to be safe online!

Nowadays, most of us use the internet. We like to e-mail, chat and have fun online as well as use it to buy and sell things and do our banking.

Unfortunately, it also provides opportunities for criminals to:
  • Infect your computer with spyware and steal your identity
  • Mess up in your computer via spyware and viruses to gain remote access
  • Send you spam and scam e-mails
  • Trick you into visiting fake websites and handing over personal information
  • Hack into your wireless network

 The following recommendations describe basic things you should do to reduce your online security risk and protect better.

The latest threats online

We're committed to help you understand the latest online threats better, so that you can protect yourself and stay ahead of scammers.

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Protect yourself online

There are a few key rules that offer the most protection online for the least amount of effort equally to business owners and to private individuals.

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Secure your mobile

The growing use of smartphones and the increasing development of banking services for such devices are leading to the emergence of new security risks.

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Protect your business online

Learn how you can strengthen your security and protect your business from financial loss, follow the links below.

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How we protect you online

We use industry standard security technology and practices to safeguard your account from any unauthorized access.

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What to do in case of fraund?

If you suspect that any of your SGEB accounts have been accessed online by someone other than yourself, contact us immediately.

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