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SoGeCash Net
SoGeCash Net is a remote banking product which allows on-line access to your bank accounts through special SoGeCash Net Software.
SoGeCash Net is a remote banking product which allows on-line access to your bank accounts through special SoGeCash Net Software.
It is specially created to support you in daily processing of payment orders, follow-up the operations, as well as better management of your bank accounts from a distance.
It is suitable for all companies which need to have quick access to the accounts or to monitor closely their bank operations and to receive updated information about transactions.
This product is a modern, user-friendly and improved version of existing e-banking products of Societe Generale Expressbank.
What is SoGeCash Net?
SoGeCash Net allows you to:
  • Order local or international payment transactions from your payment accounts including credit payment orders, direct debit orders, payments from and to budget, budget payment orders
  • Order mass payments (monthly salaries of the employees, for example)
  • Send to the Bank different documents – declarations, forms, etc...
  • Receive updated information on current balance, generating of statements
  • Receive information about history of operations on the accounts from the momeRent of activation of the product
  • Create permanent payment orders
  • Process files, including integration of files from your existing accounting program
Main benefits of SoGeCash Net:
  • You save time by operating from your office - it is not necessary to visit the branch for daily operations
  • You save money with each transaction - you take advantage of favorable conditions offered by us
  • You have 24 hours access to Your bank accounts 7 days per week - it gives more flexibility in the time management
  • SoGeCash NET is flexible – the access levels could be adapted to Your specific decision-taking scheme and needs
  • High security - access via Mini Key identification device

How can you subscribe to SoGeCash Net?
If you need more information about this product or you want to subscribe, all you gave to do is to contact your Relationship Manager, or visit the nearest office of Societe Generale Expressbank.

Additional information you can get by calling 0700 33 944 or via email sgeb.csc@socgen.com, from 8.00 to 19.00 hours every working day and from 9.00 to 14.00 on Saturdays

Access to SoGeCash Net:
To access SoGeCash Net click here, or copy the link -  https://sogecashnet.sgeb.bg/ - in the address bar of your Internet browser. 
You can download the software needed for individual instalation of SoGeCash Net from the links below:
Module for software electronic signature
How to check your file for mass payment?

Societe Generale Expressbank offers you a tool for checking validity (accuracy) of your files for mass payments - ,IBAN Accounts ListYou can do this here.