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Deposit Tactica with growing interest rate 

A deposit combining flexible term, growing interest and the opportunity to deposit additional amounts. You can deposit additionally whenever you want during the first six months. The longer you save, the greater returns you get.

Депозит Тактика

Main benefits:

  • Flexible Term matching your preferences
    The term of Tactica is subdivided into 2 interest periods of 6 months duration each. It is up to you to decide how long you will save. Upon premature withdrawal of the deposit, you can keep the full amount of the interest after the first 6-month period has expired.

  • Growing profitability with interest capitalization every six months
    Unlike the ordinary term deposit, which is renewed on maturity with the same interest rate, the interest rate on deposit Tactica grows when extending the deposit term. Thus the interest for the second 6-month period will be higher and the interest is capitalized on your deposit account.

  • Additional depositing

Tactica gives you the opportunity to deposit additionally throughout the first six months.

Interest Rates

Депозит Тактика

  • Currency – BGN and EUR 

  • Term – minimum 6 months, maximum 12 months 

  • Minimum opening amount – BGN 500 or EUR 250

  • Minimum additional depositing amount – 50 BGN or EUR

  • Maximum additional depositing amount – not more than the opening amount, possible during the first semester

  • Free of charge cash withdrawals on the date of maturity of the deposit (after 12 months)

  • Premature termination – upon deposit withdrawal after the 6th month of the opening the client recieves the full amount of the interest charged for the first 6 months completed. For the standing days during the second period the amount bears the interest rate for the first six months.