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Standard Deposit Garant

Deposit which helps you plan and manage your personal savings better thanks to the large variety of terms and currencies.

With Garant deposit you benefit from:

  • Guaranteed fixed interest rate for the deposit term you have chosen

  • The payment of the interest is tailored to your needs and you have the following choice:

    It can either be transferred to the deposit account and in this case when the deposit is renewed after the date of maturity, this amount will be added to the initial amount;


    - Transferred to your current account, which gives you the opportunity to use this amount immediately at the end of the deposit term.

  • You have the opportunity to renew the deposit on the date of maturity:

    - The deposit can be automatically renewed for the same term, without any necessary visit from you to the bank.

    - If you need the amount of money after the initial deposit term, you can choose the option not to renew the deposit automatically, and the amount will be transferred to your current account.

    Interest Rates

  • Currency – BGN, EUR, USD, GBP or CHF

  • Deposit terms – 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 24 or 36 months

  • Minimum amount for opening a Garant deposit – 200 BGN; 100 EUR or USD; 500 GBP or CHF

  • Adding new amounts – only available on the date of maturity, when the deposit is automatically renewed for a new term

  • Early closure of the deposit – If the deposit is closed during the first month after the date of opening, an interest rate applicable to current accounts is paid. If the deposit is suspended after the first month, an interest rate for the longest standard deposit Garant period which has passed is paid, reduced by 1%, depending on the amount and the currency of the deposit.


Example: If you had opened a Garant deposit for a 9-month period and you closed it in the 7th month, you would receive an interest applicable to a 6-month Garant deposit reduced by 1%.

  • Free of charge cash withdrawals on the date of maturity of the deposit