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Deposit DUO

Deposit DUO is a combination of a term deposit and an investment in Amundi funds, focused on safety and higher interest interest rate of the deposit part, in parallel to potentially higher return* of the investment part.


    Higher interest rate on the deposit part with supplement from 0.10% to 0.25% over the standard one.
    Investing in Amundi funds, managed by the biggest asset management company in Europe, with outstanding reputation and world class competency.
    Opportunity to choose among 4 funds, based on your personal preferences for risk and expected return.
    Upon request, switch from one investment fund to another, free of charge.
    After term deposit maturity, your investments can remain without any limitations for duration.
    Termination of the investment part is available at any time, however in this case standard interest rate will be calculated on the deposit part.


    Currency – BGN, EUR, USD
    Deposit term – 1, 2, 3 years

    Ratio Deposit/Investment:
  • 85/15 Interest rate supplement = 0,10%
  • 70/30 Interest rate supplement = 0,15%
  • 50/50 Interest rate supplement = 0,25%

    Opportunity to invest in 4 Amundi funds:
  • Amundi Funds Equity Europe Concentrated
  • Amundi Funds Equity Emerging Conservative
  • Amundi Funds Bond Europe
  • Amundi Funds Bond Euro High Yield

    Minimum amount for term deposit – 1000 BGN, EUR, USD
    Minimum amount of investment – based on the selected ratio

    *The past performance of Amundi funds is not representative for its performance in the future. The value of your investment and income thereof can rise and drop: there is no guarantee for profit and for full return of the
    initially invested amount. Investments in Amundi Funds are not protected by a guarantee fund created by the Bulgarian State or by any other guarantor.