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Deposit DUO

Deposit DUO is a combination of a term deposit and an investment in Amundi funds, focused on safety and higher interest interest rate of the deposit part, in parallel to potentially higher return* of the investment part.


  • Higher interest rate on the deposit part with supplement from 0.10% to 0.25% over the standard one. 
  • Investing in Amundi funds, managed by the biggest asset management company in Europe, with outstanding reputation and world class competency.
  • Opportunity to choose among 4 funds, based on your personal preferences for risk and expected return.
  • Upon request, switch from one investment fund to another, free of charge.
  • After term deposit maturity, your investments can remain without any limitations for duration.
  • Termination of the investment part is available at any time, however in this case standard interest rate will be calculated on the deposit part.


    Currency – BGN, EUR, USD
    Deposit term – 1, 2, 3 years

    Ratio Deposit/Investment:
  • 50/50 Interest rate supplement = 0,25%
  • 70/30 Interest rate supplement = 0,15%
  • 85/15 Interest rate supplement = 0,10%

    Opportunity to invest in 4 Amundi funds:
  • Amundi Funds Equity Europe Concentrated
  • Amundi Funds Bond Global Aggregate 
  • Amundi Funds Bond Global
  • Amundi Funds Bond Euro High Yield

  • Minimum amount for term deposit – 1000 BGN, EUR, USD
  • Minimum amount of investment – based on the selected ratio

    *The past performance of Amundi funds is not representative for its performance in the future. The value of your investment and income thereof can rise and drop: there is no guarantee for profit and for full return of the
    initially invested amount. Investments in Amundi Funds are not protected by a guarantee fund created by the Bulgarian State or by any other guarantor.

    Information on the Bank's policy regarding the conflict of interest when providing investment services and/or activities within the meaning of the Markets in Financial Instruments Act.


    Summary of Conflict of interests policy of Societe Generale Expressbank AD