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Debit Master Card PayPass - The new card for fast and convenient payments

Debit Master Card Pay Pass - contactless debit card

Debit MasterCard  Pay Pass allows you to use your own money in situations that would usually require a credit card, such as payments for your hotel bookings and guarantees, airplane e-tickets, rent-a-car services, tourist services and travel agencies’ reservations and guarantees.

With Debit MasterCard PayPass from Societe Generale Expressbank, you can make a contactless payment (in addition to the standard payment with the card) when the respective merchant locations are marked with the trademarks:

PayPass Trademarks

Consumer Benefits:

  • Speed and convenience – The contactless transaction is very fast and convenient, compared traditional card transaction – just tap and go.

  • Ease of Usemajor benefit of contactless payment.

  • Security and Privacy – A key advantage of contactless payment for consumers is that they control both the transaction and the card during the transaction. The card never leaves the customer’s hand.

  • Wide Acceptance – You can use your Debit MasterCard for standard or contactless payments at merchant locations – in the country and abroad, as well as for hotel bookings, guarantees, airplane e-tickets, rent-a-car services, tourist services, travel agencies’ reservations, online and utility payments, and cash withdrawals.

    How to make contactless payment:

Contactless payment shall be made at POS terminals in the country and abroad, only by tapping the card to the POS device without having to put it in the terminal. Upon payment of an amount within BGN 25 (the approved by MasterCard limit for Bulgaria), the operation is performed without entering PIN code. For higher security upon payment of an amount above BGN 25, PIN code is required.

Contactless Payments – Seven Fundamental FAQ and their answers

What is contactless payment?

One of the latest buzz in retail payment applications is contactless payment – a non-cash paymenttransaction that doesn’t need a physical connection between the consumer payment card or device andthe physical point-of-sale (POS) terminal. New feature on a standard debit or credit card, contactlesspayment offers an alternative to more traditional payment methods such as magnetic stripe/EMV chipdebit or creditcards, or cash.

Where is it offered?

Contactless payment is particularly attractive in merchant segments where speed and convenienceof payment are essential, including quick-service restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores,parking facilities, transit services, entertainment venues and unstaffed vending locations.

What is the advantage of contactless payment for consumers?

Contactless payment offers consumers the speed and convenience of “touch/tap-and-go” or “pay-with-a-wave” payment cards or devices. No more counting change or worrying aboutwhether you have enough cash for a purchase. In many cases, consumers also don’t need to signa receipt or enter a personalidentification number (PIN). Perhaps the biggest benefit however isthat it givesconsumers a fast alternative to cash payment.

What is the advantage of contactless payment for merchants and issuers?

There are many benefits to retailers who accept contactless payment – fastertransaction times, increased revenue, improved operational efficiency and lower operating costs.The contactless technology allows issuers to penetrate the cash payment market, enjoy increased customertransaction volume and improve customer retention and loyalty.

How does contactless payment work?

A consumer presents a contactless payment card to within 10 centimeters to the POS terminal. The terminal automaticallyreads payment account information stored on the smart chip embedded in the card and securelyprocesses the payment transaction, all that inless than one-third of a second.

Where is contactless payment being used and who is using contactless payment?

Contactless payment is already being used in Asia, Europe and North America. Every day contactless payments are made at a great number of merchant locations all over the world, as well as trains andsubwas around the world already use contactless smart cards. Hundreds of millions of consumers are using different contactless payment technologies, with many more expected in the forthcoming years.

How secure are contactless payments?

Banks are constantly taking care for the security of their cardholders using high-tech tools in order to proactively provide control and prevent any potential fraud. Thanks to the encryption technology used, the contactless cards are just as safe as the standard ones. On the top of that:

  • You control everything – the contactless card is always in your hand when you pay
  • No accidental payments – you must tap the contactless card very close to the POS terminal to make a successful transaction
  • No double payments – even if you tap your card twice, you still pay only once for your purchase