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Debit Card  V PAY

Created by Visa Europe, V PAY is a new European debit card providing convenience and greater security for your funds. Your V PAY card is protected by means of the newest international safety standard for pay cards introduced in Europe and all over the world. Guarantee your safety everyday and good mood during your trips to Europe with the widely acknowledged and secure V PAY card.

Debit card V PAY

What kinds of operations can you perform using V PAY debit cards?

  • Payments at commercial establishments
  • When paying communal expenses, at hotels, restaurants, petrol stations, airports, railway stations
  • Using V PAY you can withdraw money from every cash dispenser in the country and in Europe
  • V PAY cards can be used for making Internet payments only if the merchants are certified, supporing “3D safety code”


Benefits of V PAY debit cards:

  • Free of charge card issuance
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • No charge for reissuing
  • No charge when paying using a POS-terminal of a merchant within the country
  • You get “Protection of purchases” insurance for free
  • You can choose a design for your card from a catalogue with more than 70 visions or
  • You can personalize your card with a picture personally chosen by you
  • Receive excerpts for performed by you transactions at any time through the platform for online banking BankOnWeb, in case you have activated that service
  • Possibility to merge different debit cards into one account


Why are V PAY debit cards secure?

V PAY are a new type of pan-European debit cards protected by the newest “chip and PIN” technology, which eliminates the risk of copying the cardholder’s data. The only way to use the V PAY card at shops or cash dispensers is to use your PIN. This means that the risk of fraud through theft and adulteration is reduced.