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3-D Secure Code

3-D Secure Code: Shop safely Online

Societe Generale Expressbank offers its clients a new functionality for cardholder authentication developed in cooperation with the international card organizations Visa International and MasterCard Worldwide.

This is the most secure system for shopping online called 3D Secure Code. It is valid for all cardholders of existing and new bank cards issued by the bank.

What is 3D Secure Code?

3D Secure Code is based on the international security standard for shopping online 3D Secure. This technology is offered by Visa andMasterCard as:


Verified by Visa

MasterCard Secure Code


This standard helps you protect your card against fraud when shopping online by entering a personal secure code for identification. Each time you pay on a website certified for this standard you enter the secure code defined by you to confirm the purchase.

3D Secure Code is used only on online merchant sites certified for this functionality which you can identify by the presence of the following logos:

for Visa

for Maestro and MasterCard


You can freely use your card at merchants who have not been enrolled for Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, in which case the transaction will pass in the standard way.

The activation of 3D Secure Code does not restrict you from shopping online with your card no matter whether the site on which you want to
make a payment offers this service or not. When you shop at certified online merchants you benefit from an additional level of security.


How to register for 3D Secure Code?

Registration for the service is performed in two stages:

1. Obtain a temporary secure code - you can obtain your secure code at any ATM of the bank and at all ATMs within the system of Borica that support this functionality.

2. Register on the website of Societe Generale Expressbank in Borica and creatе a customer profile - please follow one of the links depending on your card:

For Visa cards (in English)

For  MasterCard and Maestro cards (in English)

Inform yourself in details how to register for the service 3D Security Code: 
Full user manual