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3-D Secure Code

Dynamic 3-D Secure Code – Extra Protection When Paying By Card Online

For your security, Societe Generale Expressbank now provides the 3-D Secure Code service. The service was developed in cooperation with the Visa and Mastercard international card organizations so that we can provide you with the most up-to-date security system for shopping online with a card.

Main Advantages:

  • Security – Your card is protected from fraud online by a secret dynamic code which is sent to your mobile phone through an SMS message.
  • Convenience – Registration is done automatically by the bank and you don’t need to remember an extra password when paying by card on the Internet;
  • No additional costs – the service is free of charge;

The service will be deployed in stages and will be provided entirely free of charge to all holders of existing and newly-issued cards by the bank.

What is the 3-D Secure Service?

The 3-D Secure service is based on the international standard for online shopping security. This standard allows you to protect your card from fraud by entering a secret dynamic identification code. When paying in a website certified for Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode/Mastercard Identity Check, you receive an SMS with a single-use code which you then use to confirm the purchase.

While shopping at a certified online merchant, you gain an additional layer of security and an advantage when disputing improper or unlawful Internet transactions. Internet merchants certified to employ the secure payments functionality can be identified through these logos:



How Do I Register For The 3-D Secure Dynamic Code Service?

No prior registration is necessary. The bank will register cardholders in stages. You will receive brief text messages with the payment confirmation code on the phone number you have provided the bank with.

How Do I Know Which Internet Purchases Require a 3-D Secure Dynamic Code?

After you enter the card details for making an online purchase, and if additional verification is needed, the following message will appear: “This payment requires a single-use password. The password will be sent to you through phone number: +3*******5648“.

Cards Not Yet Automatically Enrolled In The 3-D Secure Dynamic Code Service:

You can keep using the existing static passwords until you are automatically registered for the 3-D Secure Dynamic Code service (for which you will receive additional information from us). For managing customer profiles in the secure payments system, the following links for different card types will remain available:

For Visa cards (In Bulgarian)

For Visa cards (In English)

For MasterCard and Maestro cards (In Bulgarian)

For MasterCard and Maestro cards (In English)

Guide For Using The 3-D Secure Service With a Static Password

More Secure Online Payments


Societe Generale Expressbank is now giving its customers the ability to use the most modern method for protecting cards during online payments – the 3-D Dynamic Security Code. The service is based on the Verified by Visa (for Visa cards) and Mastercard SecureCode/Mastercard Identity Check (for Mastercard cards) schemes.

The additional code used for confirming purchases on the Internet will be received via an SMS message. The code for online payments is not made available to the merchant – only the cardholder is aware of it and it expires after a short time. The SMS messages will contain information on the amount of the payment and the name of the merchant, providing additional protection.

The service combines a high level of security with convenience – you will no longer need to remember an extra password for online payments, as you will receive it through an SMS message.

The registration process for the service will be carried out in stages and will apply to all credit and debit cards issued by Societe Generale Expressbank. The service is entirely free of charge for the cardholders. It is necessary just to make sure that you have provided us a valid phone number.

You can receive additional information on card products and services provided by Societe Generale Expressbank on 0700 17 888.