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Expresso consumer loan
Expresso consumer loan is designed for personal or family needs with amount up to 50 000 BGN and up to 10 years without additional guarantees.

Expresso loan up to 50 000
Expresso is a loan that meets all your current consumer needs. It does not require the presentation of any documents concerning the use of the loan.

Loan amount:

  • Min. 500 BGN / 300 EUR 
  • Max. 50 000 BGN / 25 000 EUR



  • From 12 to 120 months*
  • Possibility for partial grace period up to 18 months for the whole term of the credit** 

*The loans which maturity is longer than 84 months are granted to clients who work in companies and institutions approved by the bank.
**The grace period could not exceed 3 months for every year of the credit


  • Remittance of the borrower's salary in a full amount or in an amount covering 110% of the monthly installment to an account with the bank;
  • The borrower is required to have a life insurance "Permanent and Total Disability (PTD)".

Societe Generale Expressbank offers a variety of the Expresso loan called Cash Expresso loan to clients who can not transfer their income to a current account with the bank. The bank requires a guarantor for disbursement of this loan who has to fulfill the same requirements as the borrower.

Required documents:

  • Copy of the ID card
  • Documents proving the applicant’s incomes

 If necessary, Societe Generale Expressbank reserves the right to require the presentation of additional documents to prove the income as real and legal.