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Fortissimo loan based on deposit
Fortissimo loan is a loan granted on the base of a pledge on a deposit in Leva or foreign currency. The credit can be used for any purchase of consumer goods (a PC, washing-machine, stereo system, furniture, travel, moving, etc., i.e., any extraordinary need or family event).

Who is Fortissimo loan for:

Fortissimo Loan is designed for personal or family needs of major Bulgarian citizens with permanent residence in the country. 

Loan amount
  • Minimum: BGN 1000
  • Maximum - BGN 200 000 / 100 000 EUR/USD
Loan currency
  • BGN, EUR or USD
  • From 12 to 60 months
  • A pledge on a deposit in SGEB, which remains blocked during the whole loan term.
The amount of the credit can not be bigger than 90% of the pledged deposit if the credit and the deposit are in one and the same currency.
The amount of the credit cannot be bigger than 75% of the amount of the  pledged deposit if the credit and deposit are in different currencies.
Repayment mode
  • The Fortissimo loan is repaid by equal monthly installments.

Fortissimo loan allows you to:
  • Finance your needs immediately and reschedule repayment in time, at the same time retaining your savings, continuing to receive interest thereon
  • Not have to use any money from your deposit to finance your urgent needs
  • Give you the possibility for the deposit you already have to be used as a pledge for a Fortissimo loan grant
Main benefits are:
  • Fortissimo loan will be disbursed to you quickly and with simplified formalities
  • Fortissimo loan is disbursed on a very attractive interest rate
How to apply?
Required documents:
  • Identity card
  • A deposit contract
If necessary, the Bank reserves the right to require the presentation of additional documents.