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Consumer loan Expresso - disbursement in 1 day

When you need money, you would like to get the needed amount fast and be able to realize your plans and wishes immediately. That is why we developed the consumer loan Expresso with shorter deadlines for approval and granting.

Take consumer loan Expresso for a day!

  • Loan amount - up to 10 000 leva
  • Repayment term up to 60 months
  • Opportunity for approval and allocation within one working day, if you meet the requirements of the Bank. 

Attractive conditions for Expresso cоnsumer loans:

  • Fast approval and disbursement - for a single day
  • Attractive lower interest rates 
  • Without requirement for guarantee
  • Transperant terms and conditions for the whole period of repayment
  • Opportunity for additional insurances for Unemployment and additional insurances for Temporary Unemployment
  • Approval fee according to the Bank Tariff

You can use consumer loan Expresso to:

  • meet your consumer needs
  • purchase of furniture and household equipment 
  • house repair and renovation
  • buy a car
  • for education costs
  • others


  • Remittance of the borrower's salary in a full amount or in an amount covering 110% of the monthly installment to an account with the bank;
  • The borrower is required to have a life insurance "Permanent and Total Disability (PTD)".

Required documents:

  • Copy of the ID card
  • Documents proving the applicant’s incomes

 If necessary, Societe Generale Expressbank reserves the right to require the presentation of additional documents to prove the income as real and legal.