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Societe Generale Expressbank aims to establish close professional relationships with every client, allowing them to benefit from the expertise of our specialists and from the investment opportunities backed by the strength and worldwide fame of the Societe Generale Group.
ƒ Proficiency, Expertise, Efficiency
 Societe Generale Expressbank benefits from synergies with the Societe Generale Group to take advantage of the best competencies, the expertise and the professionalism of our colleagues from all around the world in order to offer you high quality tailor-made products in order to meet your specific needs and wishes.
  Persistency, Stability and leadership
ƒ The art of listening and understanding 
We are at your disposal to listen to you carefully, to anticipate and to understand your financial needs. Our aim is to present you the best opportunities ahead of you and to guide you towards the most optimal decisions.
Our main objective is your satisfaction. In order to meet it, we have to prove to you that you may trust us. We have already gained the trust of over 360 000 customers. Isn’t that a sufficient proof?
Ready to listen, prepared to make individual offers

ƒ Discretion and Confidentiality
The value of the information which you will share with us has no price. For this reason, discretion and confidentiality are integrated into our motto. This is reflected in an environment where we guarantee you a high level of discretion: contact only with a personal banking consultant at the specialized Prestige offices.
Closeness,Concern and Activeness

Our duty: Your interests

Our Commitment: Quality and a wide range of services

Ready to listen, prepared to make individual offers