експресбанк Моля изчакайте
Societe Generale Expressbank creates the place for you to expand your knowledge and gain experience.
We offer you a position in our team, with well-defined responsibilities and clear objectives. We need highly professional employees who are dedicated to their work and eager to improve their knowledge.
Four banking fields allow you to become involved in very diverse and interesting projects:
  • Marketing and Commercial
  • Finance and Cash Flow
  • Support
  • Risk Management 
Marketing and Commercial:
We have positions opened in this field in the Bank's Headquarter as well as in the territorial network. You could become a consultant or you find a position in marketing or sales? 
Finance and Cash Flow:
Financial jobs offer motivating responsibilities in financial control, budget planning, financial markets and treasury, payment means and custody services. 
A large number of support positions are opened in each activity branch. Here you can find positions in organization, IT, human resources, communication, economic administration or logistics. 
Risk Management:
Risk Management is connected to all banking activities. The jobs in this field provide you the unique opportunity to gain extended knowledge regarding all the activities performed within the Bank.