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Company Culture


Корпоративни ценности Societe Generale Експресбанк


The company culture of Societe Generale Expressbank is based on four core values – team spirit, innovations, responsibility and commitment. The responsibility and the commitment are the heart of our corporate culture, the innovations are our style of thinking and the team work is our power. With this approach we discover everyone’s potential and working hard we realize it.


The Human Resources Policy of Societe Generale Expressbank is based on the development of the potential of every employee. By providing various opportunities for career development we are acompying and supporting the people in their professional development.

Radoslava Krosneva
Human Resources Manager


Part of Human Resources department activities is focused on attraction of suitable professionals and on their career development inside the bank.

The direction of the professional development is defined by the individual profile of each one, the strategic goals of the company and the environment specifics. It is based on the following key principles:

  • Transparency
  • Individual approach
  • Permanent communication