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Career development

Кариери - Societe Generale Експресбанк

The training is an important part of Human Resources management policy of Societe Generale Expressbank. The development of key competencies is a main priority of our company, by which we provide the opportunity for personal and professional development for all employees.

The training activities are designed to assure better service to our clients combined with increase of employees’ motivation.
Societe Generale Expressbank implements various training forms for training and qualification development and invests in different trainings:

  • Distance and on-line learning
  • Internal and external trainings
  • Language skills education

The bank supports all its employees in their aim for development providing them opportunities for functional and geographical mobility. In order to benefit from these opportunities the employees should meet a complex of requirements.
Through the functional mobility we create circumstances for our professionals to change their professional area and to develop their skills.

The possibilities for geographical mobility are related to the development of our commercial network and the need of experienced professionals including relocation within the country to the same or other position.