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MasterCard Business
MasterCard Business is connected to the company’s current account in BGN, EUR or USD depending on your needs.

MasterCard Business allows you to:

  • Withdraw money via ATMs, POS or in a bank in specific currency in the country and abroad;
  • Pay for goods and services via POS in the country and abroad;
  • Make reservations of flight tickets, to book hotels, rent-a-car, to pay for tourist services, to order goods in Internet or via phone/fax or by post;
  • Pay for goods and services via Internet;
  • Check via ATMS for account balance and last five transactions, to change the PIN, etc.

MasterCard Business can be provided to several employees or authorized users, whereas the cards will be connected to the company’s current account. The manager of the company defines the individual limit of each credit card and the transaction limits for all the cards.

Main benefits

  • Fast access to credit:

- Up to 50000 BGN credit limit according to company’s size;
- An interest-free period of 35 days in case of used credit limit. Credit limit has been used for purchases and/or cash withdrawals;
- Automatic renewal of the credit limit in case the used credit amount is entirely paid off the 5th of the next month

    • Flexibility:

- Distribution of the whole credit limit into smaller sub-credit limits, which are allocated to the cards of employees or to authorized users as per the company’s request;

- Flexibility in credit management – possibility for repayment of the used credit via Internet /through  BankOn Web / or in the branch

      • Control:

- Detailed statement about all the expenses per card, available by e-mail, post or via Internet
- Possibility to block one specific card used by a certain employee, or to change its card limit

Care for you:  Each MasterCard Business of Societe Generale Expressbank includes free travel insurance in the country and abroad for the cardholder:

      • Medical Insurance for travels abroad: The insurance is made in SoGeLife and is fully covered by Societe Generale Expressbank. The insurance policy includes 17 different occasions in case a travel tourist service from abroard is bought with the card. Insurance occasions and insurance limits are described in details in the Annex to the Contract of credit card issuing.
      • Life Insurance for Bulgaria:  The owner of MasterCard is assured for accidents caused to death with policy limit of 2000 BGN, respectively 1000 EUR/USD on the territory of Bulgaria. The cover is valid in case of payment done with the insured card in the territory of the country.

In case of emergency, please get in touch with the Support Center for Travel insurance:

+ 7 495 661 93 40 - abroad
02 980 73 40 - in Bulgaria

Who is MasterCard Business for?

MasterCard Business is suitable for all types of companies whose managers or authorized employees need this easy-to-use and attractive product.

What is MasterCard Business?

MasterCard Business is connected to the company’s current account in BGN, EUR or USD depending on your needs. The payments with MasterCard Business are carried out in the currency of your current account, no matter of the local currency type.

Societe Generale Expressbank offers two types of MasterCard Business:

  • MasterCard as a Debit Card – when you want to use the card with immediate payment of each transaction up to the availability of the current account.

  • MasterCard as a Credit Card (charge card) – in this case, you are using a bank credit limit. For all transactions in the period between the 1st and 30th of the current month, there is a grace period of 35 days without interest.
  • Credit limits
    The amount of credit limit of MasterCard Business is defined by Societe Generale Expressbank after assessment of the applicant-company.

  • Prepayment
    The amount due is automatically repaid from the company’s current account on the 5th of the next month. You can prepay free of charge and free the credit limit for further use.

  • Transaction limits
Transaction limits MasterCard Business
Limits per transaction
Payment at POS 4 000 2 000
Cash at POS/ATM 4 000 2 000
24 hour limits
Payment at POS 5 000 2 500
Cash at POS/ATM 5 000 2 500
Total 7 000 3 500
Max number of transactions for 24 h 40
7 day limits
Payment at POS 10 000 5 000
Cash at POS/ATM 10 000 5 000
Total 12 000 6 000
Max number of transactions for 24 h 80


Societe Generale Expressbank charges fees according to the Tariff for fees and commissions of the Bank

Contactless debit and credit cards
MasterCard Business PayPass


New MasterCard Business PayPass cards are the first contactless cards for business clients which enable the cardholder to make payments within another innovative way in addition to the well-known functions of standard cards.

Contactless payment at merchants’ locations is additional functionality for payment of goods and services up to 25 BGN.

You can make such type of payment when the respective merchant locations are marked with following trademarks:

This new functionality is extremely useful in situations that require quick response payment – for example in gas stations, fast food restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, etc.

Customer Benefits:

  • Speed and convenience – You just tap the card closely to the POS terminal and the payment is made – this improves swiftness of transactions and saves time.
  • Ease of use –Contactless payments are extremely easy to perform – no need to enter Your PIN code.
  • Security and PrivacyThrough contactless payments You have full control over the transaction - the card is in Your hand and You feel more secure while using it.


How to make contactless payment:

Contactless payment shall be made at POS terminals in the country and abroad, only by tapping the card to the POS device without having to put it in the terminal. Confirmation of the payment is made by the respective audio and/or visual signal on POS.

If the contactless transaction is within the limit of BGN 25 or with the card there are several contactless transactions, the total value of which does not exceed BGN 25, these transactions do not require a PIN code for confirmation and/or signing the receipt.

If the relevant purchase is for amount greater than BGN 25, the cardholder still has the opportunity to pay contactless, but in these cases PIN code should be entered.

First operation with Your new MasterCard Business PayPass should be contact (as standard operations) – to pay on POS terminal or withdraw money, to change Your PIN code or check the balance on Your account on ATM.

Frequently asked questions about contactless payments