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Windows XP End of Support

With the constant increase of digital services use in almost every day-to-day activity, and accessing information primarily through electronic devices, a new approach implies to the security of data that each of us is handling.
We at Societe Generale Expressbank consider the personal data of our clients and their security as the fundament for the trust we build in our relationship. This is one of the important aspects of each of the changes we introduce, be it a product or a service.
In this regard, we want to inform you that by the end of January 2018, we have integrated into all of our Internet services and pages a new, better and more secure set of data encryption protocols.
This means that if you are using Windows XP and / or Internet Explorer web browser version 7, 8 or earlier, after the update of our data encryption protocols you will not be able to use our Internet services.
We would like to remind you that Windows XP operating system, as well as the older versions of Internet Explorer web browser, are no longer supported by the vendor Microsoft. Therefore, they do not receive important security enhancements and expose you to the risk of unauthorized access to your personal data that may be misused. The same goes for older versions of other Internet browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
We always recommend updating the software you are using to the latest available version, including the operating system on your computer. The use of unlicensed software also runs the risk of lack of support and security enhancements.
Keeping confidentiality and integrity of data is a mutual responsibility, both yours and ours, and it is a continuous process, not a one-off action. You are responsible for this protection when data is used on your devices.
What will happen after January 2018?
  • All encryption protocols on our sites - public or customer-only - will be updated with newer and more secure versions.
  • Updating protocols may limit your ability to access the bank's web sites, including our e-banking only if you are still using an outdated version of the operating system on your computer, or you have not updated the version of the Internet browser through which you access the electronic services.
  • If you are interested in the reason for this change, you may see the specific details below in the message from our Information Security specialists.


How can you increase the security of your devices and data?

  • Use only licensed operating systems and applications.
  • Regularly update both the operating system and the software of your devices to the latest up-to-date version provided by the vendor.
  • Always use complex passwords - at least 8 characters, including a combination of digits, letters and special characters.
  • Change your passwords regularly - this reduces the chance that someone can access your data illegally.
We hope that our joint actions on the protection of your personal data will strengthen the trust you have in us and for which we are grateful.
Should you have questions on this subject you can reach us by calling 0700 17 888 or writing to sgeb.contact@socgen.com
We succeed together!
Best regards,
The Information Security Team at Societe Generale Expressbank
Explanation of change:
The use of obsolete or compromised encryption protocols leads to false security, because the protection is not real and not at the required level. If such protocols are used to protect Internet sites, the information exchanged between clients and the bank can be intercepted and used by malicious individuals. Regardless of whether you use a secure means of protecting payments such as Token and SMS code in Internet banking or for card payment on the Internet, these persons can capture and modify information flows through the channels protected with obsolete encryption protocols. As a result, sensitive information such as your username, Internet banking passwords and web sites, financial information, and more may fall into the hands of third parties and be posted on the Internet without your knowledge. Unfortunately, the newer versions of these protocols are not supported by some outdated operating systems and old versions of Internet browsers, which requires both the bank to update its systems and you to update the versions of the software used and the operating system of your devices and computers.