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What to do in case of fraud?
If you suspect that any of your SGEB accounts have been accessed online by someone other than yourself, contact us immediately:
1. At e-mail: SGEB.QualityAndOperationalRisk@socgen.com or contact your account officer/relationship manager, SGEB call center at +359 (0) 800 18 888 or customer support center for corporates.
2. Upon communication with the bank, immediate conservation measures shall be taken (blocking or closing of the account);

3.Depending on the case, inform the relevant authorities.

For companies
Recovering from Fraud, steps to secure your business systems and customer information.
  • Check the system log to identify whether the computers from which you perform financial operationshad been compromised.

  • Disconnect suspected to be compromises computers from Internet and scan them with updated security software, antivirus, spyware, etc.

  • Notify your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and, if possible, the hacker's ISP.

  • Monitor your credit history reports and notify the bank if you suspect identity or other type of theft. They should also file a police report and contact respective authorities.