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Specific protective measures for smartphones 
The growing use of smartphones and the increasing development of banking services for such devices areleading to the emergence of new security risks. Smartphones are often likened to mobile telephones, but inreality, they are minicomputers which can be used also to make telephone calls. The security measures applicableto a computer (see above) are therefore equally valid for a smartphone. However, smartphones also require further specific protective measures:

  • Protect your telephone with a (non-trivial) password and set your screen to lock automatically when it is not being used

  • Make sure you apply all the updates recommended by your system provider

  • Only download applications from official application stores (e.g. Apple Store, Google Play Store). Otherwise, you risk downloading malicious applications onto your smartphone

  • Never unlock your smartphone's operating system (e.g. jailbreak, rooting), as doing so increases your exposure to risks

  • Do not store any unencrypted confidential data on your smartphone Install anti-virus software and keep it up to date