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Joint account "Family"
The family account is a type of current or savings account opened in the name of both spouses and designed for the management of their family assets.

Joint account Family

The family account is for:

Individual customers, domestic or foreign, who are a married couple.

Joint family account is:

The family account is a type of current or savings account opened in the name of both spouses and designed for the management of their family assets.

  • Interest rate - The interest rate can be changed by the bank. You can get information for such changes from our interest rates policy, our branch network or via our Call center at phone number 0800 18 888. The interest is accrued and paid into your account once a year as of 31 December or upon closing the account.
  • Currency type – BGN, USD ,EURO ,CHF ,GBP 
  • Minimum opening amount – 30 currency units 
  • Fees and commissions – according to the Tariff.


Joint family account allows you to:

If the Family account is of the current account type:

  • Receive indirectly remittances of salaries, pensions, fees and other payments from third parties
  • Automatically pay your household bills through direct debit
  • Program your payments with a repetitive character with an order for periodic transfer
  • Use the short-term credit overdraft in the case of temporary shortage of funds on your account
  • Place your temporarily liquid capital on a demand deposit for and on behalf of you, your children or your grandchildren through an automatic transaction from current account to the savings account
  • Have permanent access to the funds on your account from every bank machine or POS terminal all over the world for a twenty-four-hour period, with the international card of your choice: Maestro, MasterCard or Visa Electron.
  • Benefit from the unique accidental Insurance Spokoystvie. It provides you with an emergency capital of at least 2 000 BGN and financial protection equal to your incomes from previous year up to 12 000 BGN*.

If the family account is of the savings account type:

  • Obtain higher interest than on a current account
  • Receive salaries, pensions and other earnings on the account
  • Deposit amounts on the account at any time as Societe Generale Expressbank offers you several options:
    • Automatic transfer of a specified amount on a fixed date from your current account in the Bank. There are no limits for the monthly installment – you may deposit as much as you like, according to your financial condition. You also can increase or decrease the defined amount whenever you want, ?when your income has changed.
    • If you are not sure what the amount that you can put aside is, we recommend you to use the option for automatic transfers over a minimum balance. You choose how much of your money to stay on the current account, as the free funds exceeding the desired level will be directly transferred to the savings account.

Main benefits are:

  • You can manage your family budget through a single account whereon the common income from your salaries, royalties, rent or pensions is charged to
  • You can dispose the funds on the account jointly or individually without the need of presenting a Power of Attorney for money withdrawal executed by a Notary Public
  • You can save with joint efforts for purchasing a family house, a car, or paying for your children’s education
  • You can pay from a single account the repayment installments of a loan to which you are joint borrowers

How to apply?

You can open a family account at any branch or office of Societe Generale Expressbank. To do this, you and your spouse need to go there together and sign a joint account agreement.

Further information can be obtained either from your Account officer or from the line 0700 17 888.