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Current account
It is a universal product that offers practical solutions for your everyday needs.

Current account

Who is the current account for?

For all individual clients, Bulgarian and foreign citizens.

The current account is:

It is a universal product that offers practical solutions for your everyday needs.

The Societe Generale Expressbank current account ensures access to the full range of banking products and services specially developed to meet all your needs and requirements.


  • Interest rate:

The interest rate depends on the balance of the account and can be changed by the bank according to its Interest policy.The current applicable rates can be found HERE. You can also get this information on 0700 17 888 or from your personal financial advisor.

  • Currency type – BGN, USD ,EUR ,CHF ,GBP 
  • Fees and commissions – according to the Tariff

The current account allows you to:

  • Receive indirectly remittances of salaries, pensions, fees and other payments from third parties
  • Automatically pay your household bills through direct debit
  • Program your payments with a repetitive character with an order for periodic transfer
  • Use the short-term credit overdraft in case of temporary shortage of funds on your account
  • Place your temporarily liquid capital on a demand deposit for and on behalf of you, your children or your grandchildren through an automatic transaction from your current account to their child savings accounts
  • Have permanent access to the funds on your account from every ATM or POS terminal all over the world for a twenty-four-hour period, with the international card of your choice: Maestro, Visa Electron, V PAY or MasterCard
  • Benefit from the unique accidental Insurance Spokoystvie. It provides you with an emergency capital of at least 2 000 BGN and financial protection equal to your incomes from previous year up to 12 000 BGN*.

Main benefits:

  • Convenience – access to the full range of banking services / one account for all services
  • Transparency – you are able to view all your income and expenses at once (received salary, paid installment, overdraft usage) through different channels – at the bank, via phone, via the Internet


How to apply?

You can open a current account at any branch of Societe Generale Expressbank by:

  • Signing an agreement for opening of a payment account and
  • Presenting identity document.

Further information can be obtained either from your Account officer or on the phone line 0700 17 888. 

*According to the chosen level of protection – for more info see here.