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Platform for Contemporary Art and Young Authors “A Place for Meetings” – “Vaska Emanuilova” Gallery, affiliate of Sofia Art Gallery


At the end of 2012 Societe Generale Expressbank announced the beginning of its partnership with Sofia Art Gallery on the project: “A Place for Meetings”. The initiative commenced in 2004 and aims to present young authors and curators in museum institutions, such as the Sofia Art Gallery. The majority of people taking part in the program are currently already realized professionals and painters with rich artistic biographies. From 2007 onwards “A Place for Meetings” has been developing in the Platform for Contemporary Art and Young Authors and has become part of the program of the “Vaska Emanuilova” gallery, affiliate of SAG.


One of the objectives of Platform for Contemporary Art and Young Authors is to expand its activity towards its overall integration within the museum and future investment in young authors by establishing a direct relationship between the “discovery” of young artists and The Contemporary Art and Photography Fund of Sofia Art Gallery.


As a partner of the “Vaska Emanuilova” gallery, Societe Generale Expressbank buys off works of young authors who have realized independent exhibitions at the gallery. Within the framework of its partnership the two institutions plan to organize a number of workshops, forums, events and discussions devoted to Bulgarian and World arts.