About SOGELEASE Bulgaria:


Sogelease Bulgaria is specialized in providing leasing services for Bulgarian companies and individuals. The company started activity in 2005 as a subsidiary of Societe Generale Expressbank and is part of Societe Generale Group – one of the leading financial institutions in Europe.

Lease products:
By type of leasing:
  • Financial lease without option (VAT payable in the beginning)
  • Financial lease with option (VAT payable in the instalments)
  • Operating lease
By type of the assets:
  • Lease for production equipment and machinery
  • Lease for construction equipment
  • Lease for trucks, busses, light commercial vehicles
  • Lease for passenger cars
Our benefits:
  • Leasing solutions adapted with specific requirements of the clients
  • Attractive conditions
  • Quick answer
  • No limits for maximum amount of the leasing transaction
  • Personal approach
  • Great possibilities for the clients to use the wide range of services provided by Societe Generale Expressbank
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About SOGELIFE Bulgaria:

SOGELIFE Bulgaria is a life insurance company founded in June 2007 by Societe Generale Expressbank with SOGECAP, the Life Insurance business line of Société Générale Group worldwide.
The aim of the company, approved by the Financial Services Commission, consists of offering all life insurance products in accordance to the strategy and needs of Societe Generale Expressbank SOGELIFE Bulgaria permits the bank to benefit from all the advantages of a fully integrated insurance business line with the enhancement of “consumer focused” products and services, reinforced customer’s equipment and high attention paid to security and the best management of risks.
SOGELIFE Bulgaria is managed by a board of directors and managers from the insurance and banking sectors. The CEO of the company is Mr. Damien Marechal, an experienced financial bank manager and insurance specialist.

Core Activities:

SOGELIFE Bulgaria focuses on both individual and corporate life insurance products through a high network of individuals and corporate clients:

  • Credit life insurance
  • Savings insurance schemes
  • Protection schemes for companies and employees

Claims rules:

You can find below the Claims Handling Rules of Sogelife Bulgaria approved on a session of its Board of Directors and submitted to Financial Supervisory Commission.

Contact us:

Head Office:

Sofia 1303, 73 Alexander Stamboliyski Blvd

E-mail and phone numbers:

For the customer and network service (Questions about products/ Subscription/ Claims):

02 932022

Corporate page:

SGEB employee’s protection:

External Partnerships:

Regional Fund for Urban Development JSC and JESSICA initiative Regional Fund for Urban Development JSC (The Fund) was founded in 2011.

The Fund manages part of the resources of JESSICA initiative for Bulgaria, secured by Operative Program Regional Development 2007-2013. The main goal of the Fund is to stimulate the local authorities and the private business to invest in projects for urban development with significant social effect, which however have lower economy return than the average for the market and for that reason would not be possible to happen through the usual forms and conditions for financing (“Urban Projects”). The Funds aims to provide financing under the form of loans and share participation in projects for urban development in the 6 big towns of Bulgaria – Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Russe, Stara Zagora, Pleven.

Major shareholder in the Fund is Societe Generale Expressbank JSC and minor shareholders are Elana Holding Jcs, Elana Investment JSC and Bolkan Advisors JSC.

JESSICA stands for “Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in City Areas”. In Bulgaria by the power of a signed agreement, the Regional Fund got a mandate to manage 36,9 MBGN of the resource of the Holding Fund, while the leading partner of the fund - Societe Generale Expressbank took the engagement to co-finance the projects with a double amount - 73,8 MBGN.

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