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About SOGELIFE Bulgaria:

SOGELIFE Bulgaria is a life insurance company founded in June 2007 by Societe Generale Expressbank with SOGECAP, the Life Insurance business line of Société Générale Group worldwide.
The aim of the company, approved by the Financial Services Commission, consists of offering all life insurance products in accordance to the strategy and needs of Societe Generale Expressbank SOGELIFE Bulgaria permits the bank to benefit from all the advantages of a fully integrated insurance business line with the enhancement of “consumer focused” products and services, reinforced customer’s equipment and high attention paid to security and the best management of risks.
SOGELIFE Bulgaria is managed by a board of directors and managers from the insurance and banking sectors. The CEO of the company is Mr. Damien Marechal, an experienced financial bank manager and insurance specialist.

Core Activities:

SOGELIFE Bulgaria focuses on both individual and corporate life insurance products through a high network of individuals and corporate clients:

  • Credit life insurance
  • Savings insurance schemes
  • Protection schemes for companies and employees


Individual acceptance for insurance with optimal care for the client 

By 2015 Sogelife will be working in partnership with carefully selected medical centers in 6 of the largest cities in Bulgaria (Varna, Pleven, Sofia, Ruse, Burgas and Plovdiv). There all clients will be able to make the medical examinations, required for insurance acceptance. They will be welcomed in priority in those centers and their exams will be done free of charge.

Additional information regarding this you can find in the medical examination booklet.


Claims rules:

You can find below the Claims Handling Rules of Sogelife Bulgaria approved on a session of its Board of Directors and submitted to Financial Supervisory Commission.

Internal Rules for Claims handling

Contact us:

Head Office:

Vazrazhdane, 38-40 Osogovo str., Crystal building, floor 4
1303 Sofia, Bulgaria 

E-mail and phone numbers:

For the customer and network service (Questions about products/ Subscription/ Claims):

0700 15 889



External Partnerships:


Corporate page:


Оперативен лизинг от ALD Аутомотив

Full Service Operational Leasing from ALD Automotivе

ALD Automotive, being part of Societe Generale Group, with direct presence in 39 countries and managing a fleet of over 1 million vehicles is a global leader in full service operational leasing management.

ALD Automotive offers optimized mobility solutions, providing cost effective fleet management and consistently high level of services across all countries.

What is more, our goal is to provide our customers with a complete 360° solution, especially designed to meet the highest standards and customers’ expectations. ALD Automotive will help you to streamline the overall cost of your fleet by having a better view on all costs related to your fleet and a complete control of the company cash flow, because you will have only monthly fixed fees.

With us, you will be able to focus on your business while we take care of your fleet, mobility and comfort.

Let’s Drive Together!

Our advantages:

  • You have fixed maintenance costs during the contractual period: you release the risk related to maintenance.
  • You have advantageous prices for the services offered and the vehicles procured due to our negotiation power.
  • You are ensured the quality of the repairs and reduce costs with the vehicle immobilization in the service unit.
  • You reduce the cost related to fuel consumption, frequent tires replacement and increase the drivers’ safety.
  • You avoid blockages that can appear in your activity: you have at your disposal integrated solutions for your employees’ permanent mobility.
  • You receive specialized consultancy for developing and optimizing a car policy adapted to your vehicle use needs, business type and objectives.
  • You can focus on your business; we take care of your fleet.


Services we offer are:

  • Financing
  • Registration and Delivery
  • Insurance management
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Tires management
  • 24/7 breakdown assistance
  • Door to Door
  • Replacement Vehicle
  • Reporting and Consulting

ALD Automotive OOD
73 Al, Stamboliyski Blvd
1040 Sofia

Phone +359 (2) 8026120
Fax +359 (2) 8026155


ALD Automotive OOD

73 Al, Stamboliyski Blvd

1040 Sofia



Phone +359 (2) 8026120

Fax +359 (2) 8026155