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Investment products&solutions
Take full advantage of market opportunities with our new structured products tailored exclusively for Private Banking clients.
Combining innovation and dynamism, our experts will design and provide you with tailor-made solutions, based on the open architecturephilosophy, in accordance with your investment objectives and market outlook. 
To maximize your wealth while maintaining the highest levels of security for your assets, we select competitive partners dedicated to offering highlycompetitive prices, to find the best offer for you.  
This means that we are:  
  • Always taking our uttermost care that you have access to all solutions on the market
  • Keeping vigilant market watch and analysis of innovations originated on the market
  • Constantly improving our flexibility and quality of service during the product lifecycle
  • Maintaining reactivity and supplying you with very best competitive prices
  • Keeping rigorous process of selection and monitoring of banking counterparties 
  • Maintaining neutrality in the selection of counterparties before and during the transaction  
You will take advantage of our custody unit which is able to provide you with complex custody services in local and foreign markets:
  • Administration of securities accounts
  • Safekeeping of your assets in securities and cash held on custody accounts (asset positions in the country and abroad)
  • Settlement of securities at maturity, purchase/sale and cashtransfers 
  • Corporate actions (management of dividends or coupons payments,votingtopics)
  • Reporting of status and changes of portfolio value
  •  Custody services in local market are provided directly while services abroad are provided through global custodian or subcustodians in accordance with signed custodian agreements.