експресбанк Моля изчакайте
Daily Banking 
As a member of the Private Banking Club, you access to exclusive products and services.
Private Banking Club Membership 
  • Premium service within dedicated Private Banking centres
  • High-end products & services offered exclusively to Private Banking clients
  • Discount on your Prestige daily banking package
  • Optimal treatment of transactions with minimal waiting time
  • Detailed, comprehensive information on all your investments, savings and liabilities in a single report 
Prestige Daily Banking Packaged Daily Banking 
  • Current account (one in BGN and one in EUR or USD)
  • BankOn Web, BankOn SMS, BankOn Mobile
  • Cards:Debit card MasterCard Gold // Revolving card The One Gold (Visa or Master Card) 
Preferential Tariffs 
  • Fixed number of free of charge transfers in BGN
  • Standard foreign currency transfers
  • Consumer loan approval fee
  • Safe box fee 
Disposal of Funds 
  • Free of charge cash withdrawals in SGEB office up to 3,000BGN
  • Free of charge withdrawal on all SGEB ATM with Debit cardMasterCard Gold
  • Higher adjustable limits for card withdrawals and transactionsboth in Bulgaria and abroad 
  • Comfort insurance
  • Cards insurance:
       Compensation for loss/theft/blockage
       Medical and legal assistance Different coverages depending on your card (MasterCard Gold and/or The One    Gold)